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Established 1991
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 Industrial Parts Washing Service


You need clean, debris-free parts to ensure your finished products meet your quality specifications,
and QES Solutions can help. We offer contract parts cleaning services at our facility in Rochester, New York.

Our industrial parts washing system will leave your parts clean, dry and free of residual solvents.
By utilizing aqueous-based cleansers, combined with our jet spray processes, we can deliver
shorter cleaning cycles while consuming less detergent.

Our conveyorized cleaning systems wash, rinse, and dry your parts using environmentally-friendly
non-caustic alkaline solvents that include degreasers and rust inhibitors. The low-foam formula rinses freely
and is safe on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

When you are looking for clean parts, quick turnaround and competitive rates,
look no further than QES Solutions.

We can successfully remove:

  •  Machine oils & grease
  •  Loose debris, dirt, and grime
  •  Contamination/residue

We can clean:

  •  Injected molded and composite parts
  •  Stamped parts, machined parts, cast parts
  •  Ferrous metals including: mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and wrought iron
  •  Non-ferrous metals including: castings & machined parts
  •  Glass & ceramics
  •  Items as large as 24” x 24”