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 the people and tools you need.
Contract Manufacturing
We have the labor and resources to handle every- thing from material sourcing and purchasing to producing and shipping your final product.
• ISO 9001:2015 Quality
Management systems
• Experienced and reliable
• Dedicated work cells
• Manufacturing capabilities
and capacity added as needed.
Sorting, Inspection & Rework
We are certified for sorting, inspection, CS1/CS2 contain- ment and rework services for any non-hazardous metal, plastic, rubber or paper products.
We can help to sort and isolate defects and non-conform- ities to help you recover lost time, money and inventory. With our contacts across North America, make one phone call to QES Solutions and we handle the rest!
Custom Warehouse Solutions
We have access to more than 100,000 square feet of heated, racked or bulk storage space. • Space for seasonal distribution programs or for
product overflow from your existing plant or ware house
• Increase or decrease your warehousing capabilities based on product demand.
• Cross-Docking Services • Returnable Dunnage
• Third Party Logistics
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