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Parts Cleaning & Washing
Using environmentally-friendly cleansers, we successfully remove machine oils, grease, debris, dirt, and grime, leaving parts clean, dry and free of residual solvents. We clean:
• Injected molded and composite parts
• Stamped, machined or cast parts
• Ferrous/non-ferrous metals • Glass and ceramics
• Items as large as 24” x 24”
Custom Packaging expertise
Think outside the box with Custom Packaging solutions designed to protect your product and lower your material costs.
QES Solutions can be
a valued resource with industry-leading packaging experts able to deliver exciting creative ideas and the technical resources to make them a reality.
Reclamation & Remanufacturing
We offer Remanufacturing and Reclamation services to return your used parts to "like new” condition. From small parts to large castings, we de-burr and polish your metal parts to a smooth finish with Media Blasting, Industrial Washing, Polishing/Buffing, and Rust Preventative Coating.
Regrind service is also available for the recycling of scrap plastic injection molded material.

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