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Established 1991
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Sorting Inspection & Rework

Sorting, Inspection & Rework Services

QES Solutions, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified for sorting, inspection, CS1/CS2 containment & rework services for any non-hazardous metal, plastic, rubber or paper products. We can help to sort and isolate defects & non-conformities to help you recover lost time, money and inventory. With our contacts across North America, make one phone call to QES Solutions and we handle the rest!

  • We can establish containment at all needed points, regardless of locations
  • Sort/rework instructions approved by customer prior to commencing operations
  • We identify certified stock using your tags or ours
  • We quarantine non-conforming product and return or dispose of it per your instructions
Sorting, Inspection & Rework Services

Using our web-based e-Z Tracker database, you'll receive secure access to sorting reports over the internet, so you can view reports online whenever you need to, from wherever you are.